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Barbara Schmidt, DVM was the first female equine veterinarian in the Northern Kentucky-Greater Cincinnati area. She has a thriving ambulatory practice within a 50-mile area of her clinic base at Bridlewood Farm in Union, Kentucky.

Dr. Schmidt, a 1984 graduate of Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine, began her career at a veterinary practice in Campbell County, Kentucky where she worked in general veterinary medicine for four years until her desire to work exclusively with horses led her to found her own equine practice.

After first basing her practice in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, Dr. Schmidt soon saw the need to expand. "We needed a larger facility. I saw a need for a clinic, a farm where horses could be brought for extended treatment and recuperation after surgery." Since 1990, her equine veterinary is now based at Bridlewood Farm in Union, Kentucky.
Photo: Nan Rawlins, www.equimage.com
The farm, located on 25 acres, is well set up for recuperative care as well as breeding and foaling services. Special foaling stalls are equipped with video cameras and the Foal Alert system. Daily services include ultrasonic evaluations, artificial insemination, and the management and treatment of mare fertility issues. Dr. Schmidt and her staff assist all clients and their mares throughout the breeding process, pregnancy, delivery and the foals critical first months.

In the spring of 2007 we renovated our office and added a new laboratory area to better serve our clients.
The veterinary clinic includes a laboratory, complete dispensary and an equine treatment area where ultrasonic, radiographic and endoscopic services are provided.
Aside from collection, preparation and shipping of fresh cooled semen for the farm's four Elite Hanoverian Stallions, Dr. Schmidt and her staff also handle the breeding responsibilities and scheduling for several outside stallions. Dr. Schmidt is pictured here with Guarantor and Fabuleux in the farm's newly remodeled stallion barn.
Photo: Nan Rawlins, www.equimage.com
Dr. Schmidt provides ambulatory veterinary care and emergency services to her equine patients throughout the tri-state area of Northern Kentucky, Southwestern Ohio and Southeastern Indiana.
Dr. Schmidt and her staff represent years of experience and dedication to providing equine veterinary service and support to our clients and breeders.

Here are some comments we have received:

The previous two years I had had terrible luck with breeding my first two brood mares and in the end it turned out that they had fertility issues and could not be bred. Thank you so much for sticking with me and for honoring the live foal guarantee into the next season. In the end the two young mares I bred in 2008 (one my own, one was leased... ) gave me offspring that were well worth the wait! - Laura Walker

Hi Dr. Schmidt,
I hope this breeding season is going well for you. I just wanted to let you know that SPS Wallis has checked in foal to Dacaprio, hooray!!! My vet's office commented on how efficient and organized your office was to work with, especially with all the CEM restrictions. Kudos to you and your staff!
Warm Regards,
Sara Alberni, British Columbia, CD

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank Bridlewood Farm for the unbelievably awesome experience we had the weekend. Even with almost 100 degree heat, prime breeding/foaling time and already working 16 hour days for weeks, the whole staff was overwhelmingly friendly and supportive and showed and explained everything we were craving for – and that was a lot. You cannot beat the service at that facility!
Being born and raised in Germany I sadly believed with moving to the US I would have to give up the possibility of riding German quality horses – unless I would import. When I decided to retire my two imported FEI geldings and started looking for youngsters I saw a lot and got to a point where I decided "no more".
By chance I found Bridlewood Farm and got to meet Dr. Barbara Schmidt and the whole stuff and I knew my long frustrating search will end right there.
Every single foal has exceptional conformation, short in the back, unbelievable movement, straight and very good boned legs/feet and a very good sitting neck/shoulder which will make it easy to train them all the way to the upper levels. All the foals just come to you, cuddle and play and love to be patted. We did not have to chase them down like a deer just to get a closer look – great experience . They walk with halter and lead rope and pick front and back feed without any hesitation (awesome job Emily!).
The stallions are mentally so well balanced and happy that you walk them around with just a regular lead rope and when they got turned out on their pastures they just rolled and grazed and showed how much they love life and how happy they are and the pasture is close to the mare pasture.
So now we do not only have outstanding well built stallions with gorgeous frames from head to toe and with very well balanced minds, we also have exceptional broodmares with great minds, very good feet and straight legs and an unbelievable frame. A lot a times you only get one or the other, but Bridlewood farm has it all and that is why the quality of their foals is so exceptional and outstanding. The size of the horses is perfect ,very lady like and the head of the fillie's very feminine and beautiful.
I am so proud, happy and excited about my new horse future with German quality horses bred in the US and plan on bringing them to the FEI level like I did with my old boys.
I can’t wait to see Diza-B and Flair-B at their branding and inspection in August and to bring them to their new home in September.
Thank you so much for breeding German quality horses (good mind and good bones/frame) and giving me a chance to follow my dream to work with outstanding horses in the US.”
Silke Parry, M.D.

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your staff. You were so helpful... Dee is just wonderful as well. I had heard great things not only about your stallions but you and your staff as well and I am just so pleased. It is just so unusual now to find anyone who is willing to go out of their way to help. So I just wanted to let you know it has not gone unnoticed. I will definitely pass on the good word.
Thanks again," Katie Freeman

"We bred Bangle today and hopefully we caught her. Yesterday she had a 4.2cm folicle and had ovulated by about 1:00 today when we inseminated her. I didn't expect to breed this cycle but when she had such a nice folicle yesterday, I decided to take a chance. I especially wanted to thank you and your staff for being able to get me a shipment on such short notice. The FEDEX paper was on my desk before I got back to work. Thanks again for making this so easy."
Christine Sari

"Thank you again for all your encouragement and support... Thank you for your key role in getting my mare in foal... don't think we would have had much luck without your knowledge and wisdom .... thanks to you I have a beautiful filly!" Linda Sabatina

"I would like to thank Dr. Barb and Bridlewood Farm at this time for their professionalism. From the moment we decided that Fabuleux was our stallion choice, she and her staff were always their to answer any questions. The shipping of the semen was of great quality and sent EXACTLY when we needed it. This has been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend Bridlewood Farm."
"It has been such a joy dealing with you! Don't know how you have the time to respond in such a personal manner, but you make everyone feel that they are important and you genuinely care. I do appreciate it and hope to see Fabuleux one day."
Debra Maddux, Legend Hill Farm

"I think these good results from Fab's 1st crop bode well for future breedings - and as we all know, Barb is super to deal with."
Kathleen Richardson, Sunny Days Hanoverians, Ontario, Canada

"If anyone is thinking about breeding to Fabuleux - I would recommend it! Barb is absolutely super to work with - both before and after breeding." Eliza D. Rutherford, Charlotte, VT.

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