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RUBIANO ~ June, 24, 2002 -- August 23, 2006
"Some horses come into our lives and quickly go.
Others stay a while, make hoofprints on our hearts
and we are never, never the same."
We Remember Rubiano...
(Rotspon/Davignon/Matcho x/Garibaldi II)

At his VhW licensing in Verden, Germany in 2004, Rubiano impressed spectators and judges alike with his outstanding character combined with his dynamic and well balanced movement.

Rubiano was a very elegant stallion with correct conformation and three very good gaits. He exhibited much swing and elasticity at the trot, a very well balanced, overeaching walk and powerful, uphill canter.

At his 30-Day testing at Prussendorf, Germany, Rubiano placed third overall and was the highest scoring three year old at this site. Rubiano excelled under saddle, demonstrating tremendous rideability and work ethic. Equally impressive, he displayed above average jumping ability as well as excellent form over fences, placing fourth in jumping at his 30-Day testing.

As listed in the June 2005 Der Hannoveraner Magazine, Rubiano was the highest scoring Hanoverian three year old at any test site throughout Germany with an impressive final score of 8.33.

Training Leader's 30-Day Test Scores for Rubiano:
Character 9, Temperament 9,
Willingness to Work 9, Overall Capacity to Work 9,
Walk 9, Trot 8, Canter 8,
Rideability 8, Free Jumping 9

Rubiano, we will never forget you...
...your spirit will live on in your wonderful foals...
Rubiano's beautiful foals made their mark at their inspections and many expressed regret that there will only be a few more to carry on his legacy.

Photo: Nan Rawlins, www.equimage.com
"I spoke with you a few years ago around the time I bought Rubin from Jane Bohren. I am happy to report that Rubin is doing fantastic and just showed again First Level Test One and won his class in Wellington this weekend! He has been under the training of Ryan Yap for over a year and a half and they are a beautiful pair with many accolades from the judges. I thought you might be interested to see how one of your lovely foals is doing and what a beautiful horse he is growing up to be.

...the plan is that Rubin will be my long term dressage partner.

Owner: Marilyn Black, St. Charles, IL
Marilyn Black who purchased this lovely gelding 4 years ago reports that Rubin Magic, following a highly successful dressage career, has been having a stellar year in his new venture into the hunter ring. Under Meagan Murray, Wadsworth, IL, the pair had a great showing at the Lamplight Spring Spectacular in June, 2013. In Baby Green and Schooling Hunters the first day Rubin won 1st, 2nd, and 6th in a HUGE field of much more experienced horses!, he also took 2nd place in Under Saddle (four years of dressage training paid off)! The next day he came out and won 1st and 2nd in over fences and took CHAMPION BABY GREEN! I have always believed in him and worked really, really hard to get him in the right hands so he could be the best he could be! He went into the hunter arena directly from schooling in 3rd Level dressage.

Rubin also has a new owner, Jami Boyle, who will compete him at the Pre Green Incentive Program and compete at WEF.

Says Marilyn, "Everything comes easy to Rubin. I'm so proud of him and excited for his future. I'm so glad I finally let him do what he loves."
Owner Jamie Boyle sends us this update on Rubin Magic, being shown as At Ease: I gave Rubin the Hunter Showname of "At Ease", due to his peaceful demeanor and loving attitude. He did a couple baby green shows last year (2013), and I graduated him to the 3' Pre-Green Hunters at WEF, in Wellington, FL during early 2014, under the outstanding training/riding by New Hope LLC (David Belford/Christopher Payne). WEF is an intense competition, let alone for a REALLY green-bean like Rubin! I am so proud for him! He was relaxed and enjoyed his job jumping around! He was Reserve Champion one week, and finished in the top 10 of the final curcuit standings for the division. I've known Rubin since he was 2-years-old, when Marilyn bought him-she kept him at my farm several years during winter and I exercised him-adding cavalettis and tiny jumps to keep him engaged. He loved it! :) So he & I have have known each other for a long time now!

I'd like to report that Rubin is very engaged and happy in his job as a hunter! He's been laying down some impressive scores (89, 87!) lately against some intense competition! I credit his evolution into a top hunter to New Hope LLC-David Belford & Chris Payne. I ride Rubin also, usually to hack on the flat when he's at shows, but next year I plan to show him myself, now that's he's had a solid beginning with a fantasic training/riding program. I've competed for 20 some odd years, and as I've aged, I've been adament that my "babies" have a solid foundation before they are "amateurized". :)

He has qualified and will be competing at the Pre-Green Incentive Finals during the 2014 Bluegrass Festival Horse Show in Lexington, KY"

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